Digital assets are shaping the new financial services industry.

We empower our business partners for the future of finance.

Bloxxon Wealth Management

With Bloxxon Wealth, regulated financial service providers can offer an easy access to the emerging asset class of digital assets to their own customers.

Bloxxon Asset Management

Bloxxon Asset Management (BAM) offers an easy access to the emerging asset class of digital assets to asset managers, banks and investors.

Bloxxon Finance

Bloxxon Finance provides companies and financial service providers with the entire value chain of digital securities issuance (debt, mezzanine, equity). Modular, complete and regulatory compliant.

Interested to learn more? We would be glad to have an introduction call and jointly identify the digital asset potential in your business.

Digital Assets Ecosphere
„Digital Assets are the biggest upgrade in the history of financial services. Money will be programmable. Securities will be programmable. And they will circulate at the speed of information.
This upgrade will unlock an incredible amount of value and has already started upscaling the financial industry. Let's be a part of this!“

Didier Goepfert, Managing Director, BLOXXON AG

Our API platform services

Designed to make your digital asset experience simple

Safe BdaP


A secure environment to store and manage your cryptoassets

Safe is a one-stop application that allows investment managers to seamlessly create funds, portfolios and wallets. Safe ensures safe private keys storage and allows the distribution of key shards to multiple parties. Safe is complemented by our Trade API allowing you to route trading orders directly from the application.

Emission BdaP


Digital securities emission framework

Our emission framework combined with our legal know-how allows your company to issue digital financial instruments within a proven framework. We offer a fully-fledged, award-winning issuance framework which can be integrated into your platform allowing your company to issues various types of digital assets (securities, utility token, etc).

Trade BdaP


Trigger market operations from your vault

Our Vault integrates APIs that complements our custody services and helps you seamlessly interact with MTFs and access secondary markets trading and liquidity for your digital assets.

Stake BdaP


Earn rent for holding your digital assets

Staking consists of holding and delegating digital assets to support the operations and the security of a crypto network. Depending on the network it can consist of different operations. Staking operators are facilitating those operations for digital assets. They maintain infrastructure and earn you the benefit of contributing to infrastructure security.

Advantages for your business

Work with a regulated custodian

The management and the custody of digital assets are regulated services in Germany and soon within the EU. Our institution is a regulated custodian according to §64y Para. 1 KWG of the German Banking Act.

Product Innovation

Digital assets, built on blockchain are reshuffling the financial services industry. Our experience in financial innovation and our cutting-edge tech stack will allow you to significantly reduce the time to market of your new products.

Flexible integration

Design individual solutions for your customers by accessing our full range of banking services, such as the emission of digital securities for corporate financing. Integrate our APIs within your infrastructure and keep everything under your brand.

Interested to learn more? We are happy to jump into a workshop and jointly identify the optimal solution for your business.

Experience our digital asset platform in real-life use cases

It's not about theory but about bringing digital assets into reality - together with our clients & partners

Use Case I - Setting up an institutional-grade digital asset fund

Together with Hauck & Aufhäuser, a renowned German private bank, we are setting up a cutting-edge institutional-grade crypto fund. The special AIF allows institutional and semi-professional investors a seamless and easy access to a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. Within the partnership we are part of the investment committee provide custody of the digital assets & primary market access as well as the data feed for smooth reporting and NAV calculation.

Bloxxon Crypto Assets
Use Case II - Providing a smooth capital market access

L'Osteria FR SE one of the fastest growing Italian Food franchise concepts in Europe. Seeking for a smooth capital market access we enabled the first-ever fully regulated digital SME Bond issuance for L'Osteria. Within the project we provided the issuance protocol on the Stellar blockchain and retail custody for more than 1.300 investors. L'Osteria issued more then 2.3 million security token equalling a 2.3 million EUR issuance and the biggest STO ever in Germany at that time.

You want to experience how our gateway between traditional and digital finance can boost your business? We are happy to jump into a workshop together to identify the digital asset potentials in your business. Write us a message and we get back to you.


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